Fortresses & Clans EN


FORTRESSES & Clans is a fast and strategic card game for 2 players, set in a medieval fantasy world of endless siege warfare. Quick and easy to learn, yet with enough tactical challenge to test the mettle of even the wiliest commanders.

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As the ancient empire fill into chaos and ruin, its gigantic armies dissolved into countless mercenary companies. Fearing for their safety, lords and chieftains declared their independence and fortified their holdings.

Now, the imperial lands are torn asunder once again, as each of these fledgling kingdoms vies for precedence over their neighbor.

Driven by an urge for wealth, influence or power, you will take up the leadership of one of these clans, engage vast armies of mercenaries and storm the walls of your enemies’ fortresses!


  • 4 Clan Leader cards
  • 24 Clan cards
  • 2 Keep cards
  • 88 Army cards, including :
    • 64 Troops
    • 24 War Machines
  • 6 Red Ramparts
  • 6 Blue Ramparts
  • 1 Timeline
  • 17 Structure Tokens
  • 2 Time Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook


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