Guardians’ Chronicles 1 – Atlantis EN


The revolution is on !

Under the oceans, the revolt is growing! Aquarion, son of the deposed dictator, is determined to regain his throne! Can you prevent the reign of a dictatorship?

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This expansion for Guardians’ Chronicles introduces a new threat to fight: Aquarion and his elite troops.

The tiles included in this box allow you to ally Aquarion with Doktor Skarov, or to plunge into the depths of Atlantis.


  • 1 Figure for Aquarion and his ID Card.
  • 5 Figures for the Aqua-Warriors and their ID Card.
  • 5 Figures for the Aqua-Furies and their ID Card.
  • 3 new 2-sided tiles (1 Entry, 1 Objective, and 1 Trap).
  • 5 new scenarios.
This box contains 3 new Articles to complement the ones from Guardians’ Chronicles!


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