Guardians’ Chronicles 2 – Everyday Heroes EN


Guardians’ Chronicles: EVERYDAY HEROES sees Metro City’s super-powered and everyday heroes stand shoulder to shoulder against an unrelenting army of androids.

Amid the rubble-strewn streets and burning buildings, heroes are torn between the need to turn back the mechanical menace and their duty to rescue trapped civilians.

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This expansion for GUARDIANS’ CHRONICLES: CLASH OF HEROES brings the Police and Fire Departments of Metro City into the game, as well as introducing new super-powered and civilian Sidekicks.

With the city on the brink of destruction, the need for recognition by the media may seem trivial, but stories of heroism are nothing if not inspirational.

Choose your Hero, assemble your team and take to the streets of Metro City in series of new and exciting adventures that put you right in the middle of the endless struggle between good and evil.


  • 10 Araknoid Miniatures
  • 10 Gynoid Miniatures
  • 2 ID Cards
  • 2 Terrain tiles
  • 1 MENACE Sheet
  • 4 New Object tokens & Reference cards
  • Fire tokens & Reference card
  • Rubble tokens & Reference card
  • 4 Police Officer tokens & Reference card
  • 3 Firefighter tokens & Reference card
  • 23 New Sidekick tokens & ID cards


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