Guardian’s Chronicles 2 – The Big League EN


Guardians’ Chronicles: THE BIG LEAGUE  introduces a dangerous new Super Villain to Metro City. Luckily, three new heroes come to join the members of Liberty Patrol as they try to stop them.

However, when the greatest danger to City comes from within your own  ranks, just how understanding will the media be ?

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This expansion for GUARDIANS’ CHRONICLES: CLASH OF HEROES introduces three new Heroes to the game: Fahrenheit, a scientific genius and the master of fire and ice, Ultrawoman, an unstoppable heroine with a troubled mind and the enigmatic L’Intrepide.

Set against the city’s heroes are Torment, brought to Earth on her dark and personal quest and an army of enhanced Androids.

Choose your Hero, assemble your team and take to the streets of Metro City in series of new and exciting adventures that put you right in the middle of the endless struggle between good and evil.


  • 3 Super Hero Miniature
  • 10 Android Miniatures
  • 1 Crazed Ultrawoman Miniature
  • 1 torment Miniature
  • 8 ID cards
  • 32 Power cards
  • 3 Terrain tiles
  • 3 MENACE Sheets
  • 4 Sidekick tokens & ID cards
  • 7 NEW object tokens & Reference cards
  • New Newspaper articles
  • 2 Scenario booklets


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