Highway to Hell EN


HIGHWAY TO HELL plunges you straight into 2054 into an apocalyptic world that smells of grease, mechanics and exhaust gases. Each player embodies a very badass patroller, crisscrossing the counties of District 31 of Corkland behind the wheel of powerful cars, in an attempt to stem threats from Jezebel Queens; A very violent gang.

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While the society, as we know it, is collapsing, a few hardliners struggle to maintain a semblance of order and justice.
You will travel the roads of District 31, driving a powerful custom vehicle and trying to enforce the law.
But more importantly, make sure your reputation is greater than that of your colleagues…

HIGHWAY to HELL is a fast-paced card and dice game for 2 players in which you will use your strategy and dive into a universe worthy of the greatest adventure movies.


  • 101 cards, including :
    • 1 First Patroller card
    • 4 Patroller cards
    • 4 Special Power cards
    • 10 Stage cards
    • 3 Final Destination cards
    • 48 Trial cards
    • 7 Vigilante cards
    • 21 Action cards
    • 15 Modification cards
    • 6 Enemy cards
  • 7 dice
  • 2 Vehicle cards
  • 2 Speedometer tokens
  • 8 Breakdown/Target tokens
  • 42 Hour tokens
  • 25 Pacification tokens
  • A Rulebook



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