Okko Chronicles – Behind the Doors of Jigoku


Okko and his companions have finally found a way to fight the evil Oni and their all-powerful leader, the Oni Warau, directly on their cursed land of Jigoku. But beware! The place itself can corrupt the soul of the noblest of warriors…





Rupture de stock


After chasing corruption to the four corners of the Pajan lands, the gates of the Jigoku opened and unleashed hordes of demonic creatures upon the entire empire. Will Okko and his bravest companions succeed in countering the machiavellian plans of the master of the Jigoku: the Oni Warau?

But beware, the desolate lands of Jigoku can lead the most seasoned heroes to a sordid decline.

This expansion offers :

– 1 new hero, Genji the archer-mage.

– The rules to evolve in the corrupted lands of Jigoku.

– A campaign that will see Okko and his companions hunting the terrible Oni Warau on his own territory.


  • 1 miniature of oni warau
  • 1 miniature of genji
  • 1 miniature of akasha-sana
  • 1 miniature of black tiger
  • 1 miniature of misaki
  • 1 miniature of hanyo-aka
  • 1 miniature of hanyo-shiro
  • 10 miniatures of Jorogumo archers
  • 9 identity cards
  • 1 initiative card
  • 1 personal mission card
  • 8 action cards
  • 10 event cards
  • 16 clue cards
  • 10 follower cards including 4 kami
  • 18 equipment cards
  • 5 reference cards
  • 11 degeneration cards
  • 3 chapters of tikku’s memoirs
  • 10 host counters
  • 36 mission counters
  • 4 tiles and a double-sided corridor
  • 1 double-sided mission tile
  • 10 black base rings
  • 1 scenario booklet



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