Okko Chronicles – Oni Hunters


Okko and his companions have finally found a way to fight the evil Oni and their all-powerful leader, the Oni Warau, directly on their cursed land of Jigoku. But beware! The place itself can corrupt the soul of the noblest of warriors…





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This extension offers you an artificial intelligence that will manage the actions and effects of the Oni and its acolytes. Thus, it is now possible to play any scenario of Okko Chronicles or any of its expansions in full cooperative mode or even solo.

But beware, even without a player to embody him, the Oni can be ruthless.

This expansion offers :

– 1 new complete game mode allowing to play in total cooperation or in solitary mode.

– 2 boards to put on the Oni’s corruption track to make it more or less powerful depending on the difficulty you want to bring to your games.


  • 15 scenario objective cards
  • 18 Event cards
  • 154 reaction cards
  • 23 activation counters
  • 2 novice/epic boards
  • 1 rule booklet




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