Okko – Legendary Journey EN


OKKO – Legendary Journey is a cooperative game where players will have to take the lead of the Oni hunters group led by Okko and roam the various regions of Pajan. They will have to collect as many clues as possible in order to unmask the evil creatures hiding in the emperor’s court!

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Year 1108 : In these tumultuous times, commonly called the Asagiri era, major clans have been tearing each other apart for decades in order to seize power.

Far from the battlefields, Okko, the masterless Ronin, leads a small group of Oni hunters through the lands of the Empire. They will have to unmask the Oni hiding in the Pajan’s court and prevent them from destroying the Empire!


230 cards including:

  • 6 Hero cards
  • 29 Support cards
  • 55 Adventure cards
  • 94 Enemy cards
  • 9 Conspirator cards
  • 7 Oni & Minion cards
  • 17 Special board cards
  • 13 Exploration cards

5 Adventure boards

1 Time track

1 Pajan Court board

36 tokens

A rulebook



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