OKKO-Legendary Journey – Heroes Inn EN


This expansion for Okko – Legendary Journey allows the Heroes to take a well-deserved rest in the inns along the roads of Pajan. But danger is never far away!

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This expansion for Okko – Legendary Journey allows you to diversify the enemies encountered during the journey of the group of adventurers, to meet the elemental grandmasters but also to give your heroes a well-deserved rest at crucial stages of their journey!

This expansion, in addition to its two new heroes, brings many welcome advantages to the adventurers, but be careful not to abuse them or you’ll get bad karma.


28 cards including:

  • 2 new Hero cards.
  • 15 Enemy cards (3 per element).
  • 5 Elemental Grandmaster cards.
  • 6 set-up cards.

8 Inn tokens

Additional rules


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