Tara Wolf – Nyarlathotep EN


With this Tara Wolf’s expansion, immerse yourself in the terrifying world of the Myth of Cthulhu, leading a sect of demented worshipers or surrounded by courageous investigators.

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In addition to the cards from the base game, each player (Cultist and Investigator) has a special draw pile specific to their side, with new Allies, Traps and Undead, as well as Equipment. Also discover the rule of madness that can strike your Allies when confronted with the Mythos entities. 


  • 30 cards, including :
    • 6 “Cultist” Papyrus
    • 10 special cards from each side
  • 2 Cursed Tombs
  • 8 madness / protection tokens
  • 1 alternative medallion
  • Additional rules


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