Tara Wolf – The Valley of Kings EN


The VALLEY of the KINGS is a card game for 2 players where the quick games appeal to the players sense of strategy, immersing them into a universe worthy of the greatest adventure movies.

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Egypt, 1922. In the burning sands of the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptologists keep making incredible discoveries. Guided by a mysterious medallion found during excavations, two adventurers struggle to be the first one to discover hidden treasures in the tombs of seven great Pharaohs.

Put your expedition together, get into the tombs defended by mortal traps and terrible keepers, and expose the treasures found within before your opponent!


  • 101 cards, including :
    • 4 « Adventurer » cards
    • 10 « Papyrus » cards
    • 80 « Draw » cards
    • 7 « Tomb » cards
  • A medallion
  • Eight « Pound Sterling » coins
  • Two « Pass » tokens
  • A rulebook



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